23 Awesome WhatsApp tricks you might not know ! [2019]

23 Awesome WhatsApp tricks you might not know

Whatsapp which was founded way back in 2009 is now the most popular messaging platform with over 1.5 billion users, most users being from India, Brazil and some European countries. The application which was just started as a chat application now has a ton of cool features including voice calls, video calls and sending files (images, videos, documents).

Most of us use this application just to send and receive messages and media. Well there are many interesting and neat features which you might not be even knowing. What most of us do atleast 90 percent of the time is changing display picture (dp), set status and send messages.

Are you really utilizing whatsapp to the full potential ? No, you might be not. There are many stuff you can do which can change the way you use whatsapp. Here are 23 awesome whatsapp tricks to make your life better. Check this list out !

#1. Chat shortcuts

Do you chat with someone special for a long period of time in whatsapp. Then this feature in whatsapp will be handy.

You can create a shortcut for a specific person/conversation on your home screen. Opening this shortcut directly take you to the conversation saving a little time.

On Android you can do this by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner -> More -> Add shortcut

whatsapp tricks
whatsapp tricks
whatsapp tricks

#2. Save/Bookmark your favorite/important messages

Often times you will need to save a specific text something important sent by someone. It might be a good place for a visit, or a good restaurant you’ve been recommended or just a date to remember.

For a quick save all you need to do is long press the message you wish to save and press the star icon on the top. You are done !

The starred messages can be accessed by clicking the three dots icon from the main screen.

#3. Stylize your texts

This feature was released by whatsapp a long back. But most of the users does not even know this exists. Instead of the normal chats, why don’t you make chats a little more meaningful.  Suppose you wanna say something important, Go highlight it in bold.

You can make your texts bold, italic, strike through.

For bold, add asterisk(*) sign to either side of the word or phrase.

For italic, add underscore(-) to either side of the word or phrase.

For strike through, add tilde(~)  to either side of the word or phrase.

#4. Find your favorite person on whatsapp !

This feature may let you know your favorite person on whatsapp. This is very subjective because this tells you with whom you have shared the most amount of data , like images, videos, documents etc.

You can find how much storage each person or a group takes up.

Ready ? Ok, for this go to Settings -> Data and storage usage -> Storage usage

Pretty interesting results right !?

#5. Disable auto download (Save storage)

Some of you might have noticed, images and videos automatically downloads on wifi, or even on mobile data. This can be very frustrating because we might not even know what those images or videos are.

This can be fixed in settings. After the fix images and videos only get downloaded only if you wish to. Cheers !

For this,

  • Go to Settings -> Data and storage usage -> Media auto download.

You can see ‘When using mobile data’, ‘When connected on Wi-Fi’, ‘When roaming’ . Set your preferences here.

#6. Custom notifications

You might be receiving a lot of messages on whatsapp. Probably every messages with the same notification tone.

Well, you can change this. Set custom notification and ring tone for different persons. Yes this is very handy because you know who sent you the message as soon as you hear the notification tone.

You can not only change the notification tone, but also change ring tone, enable vibration, popup notification etc.

For this,

  • Select the person you wish to set custom notification – > click on the top bar -> Custom notifications. You are done !

#7. a) Multiple whatsapp account on a single device, b)Use whatsapp without a sim card

This one is helpful for people who use fake accounts or multiple accounts for some purpose.

For this you must download an app called parallel space. Using parallel space , not only for whatsapp, you can create multiple accounts for other social media apps like instagram also.  Check this out.

Fun fact :- You dont actually need a sim card in your device to use whatsapp. Once you register your number with whatsapp, you can use the app even without whatsapp. At first this might sound not useful at all, but can be handy if a person has two phones and if one phone is just for whatsapp and other for phone calls and stuff.

#8. Mute voice messages

Imagine you are in classroom or a library and you want to listen to a voice message but you don’t have an earphone. It is damn important and you need to listen to it right now. What do you do?

Well you have a very simple solution. Just press the play button and place your phone to your ear as if you are on a call. The voice message will play through the earpiece and not through the phone speakers. Sounds cool right !! This is one of my favorites too.

#9. Share live location

This feature is very new and  useful. The live location feature has been rolled out to facebook and instagram, now its been rolled out to WhatsApp too. If you share your live location with some one, that person can track you wherever you go for a specific time period you set. The time period can be 15  mins, 1 hour or 8 hour.

To share live location , tap the attachment icon on the typing space and choose location. You will have the option to share live location and to send current location. Chose live location and set time frame. You are all set !

whatsapp tricks

#10. Go Incognito

If you don’t want to let people know when you last used whatsapp, you can do that. So you can ignore people at your leisure. Turn of whatsapp’s “Last Seen” feature to do so.

  • Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy
#11. Send Messages with your voice (Not voice message)

You can send messages with your voice.

You guessed it right. Its through your voice assistant. Either Google assistant or Siri, or even Bixby.

This is very useful if you are busy cooking, eating or working out.

To do this ,

  • Open assistant, say ‘Send WhatsApp to [Contact Name]’ OR ‘Send a message to [Contact Name] on WhatsApp.

A new screen will be shown then to dictate the message you wish to  send. After you dictate, you can either confiirm the message or even you can change the messsage.

Its that easy ! Go try this if you did not know this feature yet.

#12 Disable Notification Previews on the Home screen

When you receive a message on WhatsApp , you might have noticed , the message popping up on your home screen. Its very useful in many occasions as you need not open the application to actually see the message.

But if you do not want messages to be shown on the lock screen for any weird reason , you can do so by changing the settings.

On iPhone, you can disable this option by navigating to WhatsApp Settings -> Notifications -> Show Preview . Disable this option. You are good to go.

However on Android, there is option in built in whatsapp to disable this. To disable, follow the step below

  • Navigate to Settings>Notifications>Notification Settings and select “Hide sensitive notification content” .

But keep in mind that most of the notifications(not only WhatsApp) will not be shown again on the home screen.

#13 Place you favorite chats on the top

Suppose you are that kind of a person who receives a ton of messages , like from Groups, Broadcasts, and personal messages and you find it difficult to keep track of some important chats, this feature is there for you.

With this feature you can pin a specific chat to the top of your list so that you never loose that chat in a chat sea. You can pin multiple chats if you wish to do so.

At present this feature is available only on Android. Sorry iPhone fans.

#14 Send a Message to all your friends at once

Suppose you want to invite all your friends for an event, or may be you want to fool them at once on April fools day, you can use this feature.

This is called ‘Broadcast’ in WhatsApp. To use this , follow this

  •  Click on the three dots -> New Broadcast -> Choose contacts and Send Message.

The only condition for you to do a broadcast is that person in the broadcast list save your number in their contact list.

#15 Recover deleted messages

Accidentally deleted one of the messages? Or you felt like deleting at that time and you want it back now? Don’t worry. You can recover your deleted messages back.

There is one file in WhatsApp folder which keeps your last 7 days chat history. You can transfer this file to your PC and open it in a notepad.

For this , open your File Explorer. If  you dont have on, download ES File Explorer.

Navigate to WhatsApp -> Databases-> 

You can see two files named msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt and msgstore.db.crypt.

msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt file contains all the messages sent or recieved in last 7 days.

#16 Change Chat Wallpaper

Got bored by seeing the same wallpaper while chatting?

Well you can change the wallpaper of your chat screen by following

  • Clicking the 3 dots above and select Wallpaper.

If you have a wallpaper app on your phone, it will show that app too and choose your favorite background/wallpaper for your chat screen.

#17 Email your chat conversations

This might very well be the least used feature on WhatsApp as most of them do not know this thing even exists. Some people out there mmight have seeen this but might not have used this.

We receive a lot of media (images, videos, audio) from different contacts daily. We also used to transfer these media to our PC or laptop via USB.

Instead, there is aneasy way to do this.

There is an option to send all  your chats with or without media to email with one single click.

All you have to do is follo the steps below.

  • Select a Contact  -> Click 3 dots -> More-> Email Chat.

You will then receive a dialogue box asking ‘With or Without Media’. Pick one and you are done.

This thing is pretty handy!!

#18 Back up conversations to Google Drive

Ever worried about losing all your chats/conversations ? What if one day your phone is dead or get stolen ?

Well you can do one thing. You can back up all your chats including images and videos to your Google drive account. This way you make sure you don’t ever lose any important or favorite chats.

You can set a schedule for back up or you can do it manually. Preferred one is too schedule backing up once a week or  even daily. You can even choose to  back up only over Wifi if you are wooried about losing mobile data.

Follow the steps below.

  • Click 3 dots -> Settings ->
  • Click Chats ->
  • Chat Back up
#19 Set default font size.

By default font size is set to ‘small’. Well if you don’t like what you see or if it’s hurting your eyes, you can change the font size.

There are three font size options to choose from. Small, medium and large.

To change font size, do the following  , click on the three dots -> Settings -> Chats -> Font size

Choose the font size you need.

#20 Block contacts

Don’t want to receive a message from any particular contact ? Someone keeps irritating you ? Your ex boy friend ? girl friend ?

Well you can block that contact so that you never receive messages from him/her unless you unblock him/her again.

For this click on the 3 dots -> Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Blocked contacts

And choose the contact you wish to block.

We suggest not to use this feature unless you are very frustrated because ignoring someone is the worst thing you can do. So please don’t !


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