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iPhone 8


We are just a couple of weeks away from the 10th anniversary iPhones to be launched. Yes, iPhones, not just 1, not even 2, for the first time Apple is preparing to launch 3 iPhone models this year. Most likely they’ll name it iPhone 8, iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, iPhone 8 going to be the star of them all.

We have been hearing plenty of rumors and leaks in the past couple of weeks or months or so. It’s that time of the year again where tech world gets really crazy. A week or so back, Apple accidentally leaked the prototype of their flagship iPhone 8 and pretty much every details and specs.

So here is all the facts, rumors and confirmed leaks of the 10th anniversary iPhone. The iPhone 8.




iPhone 8 , visually , will be the biggest change to the iPhone since the original iPhone released back in 2007. From the confirmed leaks, it is almost sure the front of the iPhone will be completely bezel-less. Yes you heard it right. We are talking about all screen 2.5D LED display on the front. Apple decided to ditch their legendary home button to make the front bezel-less. So effectively you will be able to fit a 5.7 inch phone in a 5.0 inch form factor. This makes one handed operation so ease. Since they are removing the home button, it also means removing the finger print scanner, the Touch ID.  In the design leaks, we also see a small bezel at the centre-top of the screen which is likely to accommodate the front camera and 3D facial recognition. Facial recognition is going to be the standard for unlocking your iPhone. We have already seen this being done by Samsung on their flagship, S8 and S8 Plus. It works surprisingly fast. The one on the iPhone 8 is expected to be more accurate though. Let’s see how it performs when they launch it, fingers crossed! .

Let’s talk about the back of the iPhone now. It is expected to be an all-glass design on the back with vertically aligned dual camera module. All-glass design also makes a chance for the wireless charging to be debuted finally on iPhone. Along the sides it will be aluminium finish. It looks like glass finish on the back is the trend now as we have seen many manufactures doing this with their flagship phones. See HTC U11, galaxy S7, S8, LG G6 etc.



Return of the Headphone jack ?

          NO. It is highly unlikely to happen. As latest reports and leaks suggest, we will not be seeing headphone jack this time too on the iPhone 8 nor on the iPhone 7s,iPhone 7s Plus. Apple made it very clear during the launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus that headphone jack is a waste of space and wireless will be the future. But we did not see wireless charging. This time we hope they include wireless charging as rear panels will be made of glass.



As Apple is ditching the home button and bezels for an all screen display, there are plenty of concepts speculating around the web.

Navigational buttons used to be on the top left and top right of the display which was kind of hard to reach on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus. New leaks suggest they are taking the android route this time by re-positioning navigational buttons all the way to the bottom of the screen thus making it easy for one handed usage.

iphone 8 navigation
Apple may take android approach this time by placing navigation keys at the bottom instead on the top for easy one handed usage

The status bar on the top will also be getting a complete visual redesign. There are 2 concepts. One, Apple could fully illuminate the display and keep status icons on the top left and top right , since in the top centre there is a cut out for the camera and facial recognition sensor. Or two, they could hide the status area with a true black bar as OLED is capable of doing that. Either way it will look stunning.





And by far, the best iPhone 8 iOS concept designs ever seen by Prince Studio is shown below. Highly impressed with these designs.




Name? iPhone 8 or iPhone X ?

Still there are speculations regarding how apple would name their flagship phone this year. It’s pretty confirmed that apple is going to launch 3 new iPhones this year. Since this is Apple’s 10th anniversary , they could name their iPhone a little more different they used to be. “iPhone 8” being the most likely name, there are still some leaks saying they might name it iPhone Pro , iPhone Edition, iPhone X, iPhone 10 or just iPhone. The other 2 models could just be 7s and 7s plus.



Possible colors of the iPhone 8 – Blush Gold being the flagship color

Apple used to be pretty standard in their product color strategy as they always go with black, grey and silver (and rose gold too, I hate that color). The iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) Red was a huge surprise and frankly it looked stunning. But they could have made the front black instead of white.

For the iPhone 8, a new Copper Gold(Blush Gold) color has been floating around the web for quite some time now, and it is very likely to be the flagship color of iPhone 8. A new white color is also a possibility. And a jet black glossy finish too.



iPhone 8 specifications we might see

  • 3 new iPhones this year – iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus
  • Removal of Home button, Welcome virtual Home button
  • 5D curved all screen OLED display with 91% screen to body ratio
  • Vertical dual camera with a 4 tone flash in the middle.
  • 7mp front camera, secondary lens for 3D facial recognition
  • Enhanced IP68 water resistance
  • Glass back = Wireless Charging
  • Apple A11 chip
  • 3GB RAM, 64GB – 256GB Storage


iPhone 8 Vs The Competition

Ok, Lets admit this. Bezel less , almost Edge to Edge display is not something new, Although Apple will convince people that it actually is, like Apple would normally do. Samsung has done this on their amazing Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The recently launched Essential Phone has a well implemented bezel less design which looks really stunning. The Galaxy Note 8 , which is going to be the direct competitor for the iPhone 8 is also said to have a beautiful bezel less design. And the LG V30 scheduled to launch by September end will also feature similar design strategy. The competition is going to be really tough for Apple this time.


Galaxy S8 Plus                                                                       Essential Phone



                 Upcoming LG V30 render                                                           Upcoming Galaxy Note 8 render


This one is going to be really interesting. Apple used to price their flagship iPhones around $700 – $800. The iPhone 8 will retail for a whopping $1000 – $1250 or may be even more. The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will retail for $700 – $800. The real interesting part here is how Apple will encourage people to buy its new iPhone 8 for such a huge price while at the same time keeping 7s and 7s Plus still interesting. It will be interesting to see Apple’s marketing strategies this time.


Launch Date

Apple is pretty consistent with their launch dates of their iPhones, September. Usually they launch in the first half of September. For instance, iPhone 7 series was launched in Sep 7, 2016, iPhone 6 series was launched in Sep 9, 2015 and so on. Though Apple has not officially announced a launch date as of now, we can expect this to be launched some time around Sep 7 – Sep 10. Updates will be made when Apple officially announce the launch date .

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