About RedBeasts

RedBeasts helps and makes it easy for people who are in search of best products available online. Reviews are made after researching a lot on these products just to make sure every details are perfectly correct.

RedBeasts started in April 2017 and will continue making reviews and product details in a regular interval.

I love readers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use comments section on each post to tell what RedBeasts is doing right or what can be improved on.

About Me

Hello there, this is Zaheen. I’m a 26 year old software engineer based in Kochi, India. Completed my computer science engineering in 2015. Didn’t actually know what to choose as my career , finally I’m now a 3+ year experienced software developer ! It’s now grown on me and it’s fun creating and developing applications.

I’m pretty passionate about smartphones , gadgets , and everything techy. I spend a lot of time on reading and exploring latest tech news and smartphone releases.

I’m an easy going guy, tries to stay positive all the time. To me , happiness is doing whatever you love – silly or big doesn’t matter.

You can reach me on Instagram (zaheen73), and Facebook (zaheen.haris).